Aloha Island Lei


It all began with a favor. When local born Dave Paik helped a friend’s wholesale company distribute and sell leis in 2003, he would later learn the seeds of that labor would soon become his own. Together with his son, Daniel and daughter, Heather, the Paiks took over the business, building Aloha Island Lei as the popularity for Flower Leis grew in the mainland market. Not to mention the longing from local residents living off island. Recognizing these needs, they embarked on a mission to fulfill them. Aloha Island Lei is extremely proud to be affiliated with some of Hawaii’s most prominent retail outlets, non-profit organizations, travel and hospitality corporations and businesses. We are honored to share the Aloha with our fresh Hawaiian Flower Leis.


The perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, the Yellow Tinted Single Orchid lei offers a bright alternative to the traditional Hawaiian Flower Leis orchid. Retaining its natural purple undertones, you can’t go wrong with this freshly hand crafted lei.

_200b_tinted_orchid_blue_1_ Wrap a loved one in the warmth of aloha with a classic single purple orchid lei. Perfect for men and women, it’s our most popular Hawaiian Flower Leis for just about any occasion. Great for large parties like family reunions, company events or school functions.



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